Even if  you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, life is going to have you face some epic battles.  In 2011, hip-hop figures were no exception. Hip-Hop personalities were in the headlines more for their suspect behavior than any talent they possess.

The Urban Daily caught up with Genaro Patterson who is the author of the book, Promise: Never Make A Promise You Can’t Keep. The novel is in the street literature genre and focuses on the perils of life in the drug game in Sacramento, California. The book is based on Patterson’s experiences in the street life. He was sentenced to 121 months for cocaine possession, with the intent to distribute in 1997. He was also an artist on Death Row Records, however, he never released an album due to Death Row losing their distribution deal. So who better than to comment on the legal struggles of today’s hip-hop stars? Here’s what Genaro Patterson had to say about Hip-Hop behind bars in 2011:

Mister Cee charged with public lewdness for getting serviced by a tranny:

“Wow! That’s crazy! I can’t really agree with nothing like that. That’s terrible. When you get in that celebrity limelight, we really have to protect ourselves, especially if we have ways that aren’t normal. We really have to be careful.”

Loon, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson (The Wire), Jermaine Hopkins (Lean On Me), and Jimmy Henchmanwere all cuffed for separately trafficking various drugs including marijuana, cocaine, and heroin:

“The drug life is not a game. When you get into this life, you don’t know exactly what you’re getting into. Your thinking will surely change and it will go in a more negative direction. When your thinking becomes negative, you will get a negative outcome. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been famous or not.”

Tone Loc, Gucci Mane, Funk Master Flex, Big Sean were locked up for putting their hands on women:

“I think that’s terrible. I would never put my hands on a woman. Any man that puts his hands on a woman is hella weak. I think hitting a woman is retarded. I’ve  seen men roughing  women up on the street and have  interrupted the situation.”

Machine Gun Kelly, Big Boi, Rick Ross, Soulja Boy, Frank Ocean, T.I., 40 Glocc, Juvenile, Waka Flocka, Webbie all being arrested for drug possession:

“I think marijuana hasn’t become legal because the government hasn’t figured out a way to tax it. The government knows its not a drug that makes you go rob people. Actually, it calms you down. It’s grown from the earth. I don’t consider marijuana a real drug.”

Ja Rule, Memphitz,  Young Buck catching gun charges:

“If you live that rough lifestyle, it’s safer to have a weapon than to be caught without one. Compared to others, that’s not really a bad charge. However, if you get caught on the street without a gun, you could lose your life. If you’re not involved with that lifestyle, obviously you don’t need a weapon. My book shows you all of the highs and lows you might face living that gangster  lifestyle.”


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