Horrible Bosses was a surprise hit comedy about three guys whose bosses were the things workplace nightmares are made of. The three friends decide they are going to kill their respective bosses. They seek out a black guy, played by Jamie Foxx, to figure out the perfect way to kill them. After hearing that, naturally, you’d say, “That film sounds like it needs another installment!” No? You probably would if you were a Hollywood studio executive.

According to Film Drunk, screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have signed on to write the sequel to Horrible Bosses. The two wrote the first film and New Line Cinema was more than happy to have them return. Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman, and Charlie Dayare all expectedto reprise their roles. New Line is also in talks to get Seth Gordon to use his directorial magic on the second installment as he did with the first one.

Although this sounds good on paper, how is that going to work? Are all three of the characters going to find new jobs with worse bosses than before or will a change of setting be the only thing to refresh the story? We’ll see soon enough.


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