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Chrissy, don’t punch nobody with that ring on! But I guess kicking is okay…

Last night’s “Love and Hip Hop” was a doozy! In the beginning I was an emotional wreck after hearing Jimmy confess his love for Chrissy in the moments leading up to the proposal, and towards the end I found myself confused and holding back laughter at Chrissy getting ready to give Yandy “the hands.” But before we get into that, the infamous Jim Jones shower scene.

Moving along, Jimmy took his talents to South Beach along with all of Chrissy’s closest friends and of course Mama Jones to witness his hood proposal. “I was fortunate enough to end up with Chrissy as my lady. That’s like the princess kissing the frog. I got my own fairy tale going on,”  he tells camera’s. That’s that thug love, and it’s just so freakin’ cute!

Meanwhile in Miami, Olivia is getting ready for an upcoming show that was set up by Rich Dollaz and Rico Love. Although Olivia did amazing on her performance (my opinion anyway) Rich and Rico thought otherwise, saying that she was smiling too much on a sad song. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Olivia.

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