When watching the cast of “Love & Hip Hop” in action on VH1 is far from an intellectual activity, but we have learned some things about the reality stars.

Take a look at this top 10 list of lessons spotted at Roc4Life.

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1. People Get Mad When They Don’t Have Money

It is no secret that Jim Jones hasn’t had a hit in years and his flow of income has definitely slowed so we have determined that his gross shortage of money has been the cause of his temper tantrums. Also, Chrissy’s constant attacks against other people who actually get paid could only be explained by her closeness to the poverty line.

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2. Jim Jones Actually Does Bathe

Last night’s episode featured Jim Jones in a shower scene and proved to us that, at least once a year, he washes the layer of ash off his body. Did anybody else notice how he looked three shades lighter when he stepped out the shower?

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3. There Is No Life After G Unit

We have witnessed Game, Lloyd Banks and multiple other rappers trying to make a name for themselves outside of G Unit but none of them have been successful. Thanks to this show, we have concluded that the problem is indeed a curse because even Olivia can’t make a living and is only semi-relevant via Twitter and VH1.

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4. Video Models Think They’re Famous

Who is Erica Mena? Who is Kimbella? You don’t know? Well, we don’t either but they honestly think that they have achieved superstar statues from the shots of their backsides and sleeping with rappers. Hint: you’re not famous if you have to tell people your name.

5. Mama Jones Looks Like Russy Simmons

See the side-by-side comparison of Mama Jones and Russy, and check out the rest of the list right here!

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