Amber Rose has been on the promo circuit to build buzz for her new single “Fame” and went toe-to-toe with radio hosts Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee and DJ Envy. The trio pulled no punches asking about everything from her days as a stripper to her sexual preference. Here are 8 quotes we culled from the interview.

Relaxation Tailored to You…and Your Girlfriends

8) Her album is almost done. Lord help us all. “I went in the studio and I have 8 songs done now. It’s a lot of dance music. Working with different producers. No one really big right now. I’ve been getting a lot of phone calls to work with big producers.”

7)She and Wiz Khalifa only pillow fight. “We don’t really argue. Wiz Khalifa is messy. All in the bed there’s weed.”

6) Why she cut her hair. “I was always infatuated with Sinead O’Conner and wanted to shave my head.”

5)Is she into women? Despite telling Angela Yee back in the day that she has been with women before she says now: “I’m strictly into Wiz. I don’t do threesomes. We’re in love. I have no desire to be with a woman at all.”

4) Why is she a judge on Master of the Mix when she doesn’t DJ? “I host parties all around the world. DJ’s DJ for the crowd and that’s where I come in.”

3) She stopped smoking to preserve her voice. Sorta. “I’m not smoking a pack a day like I used to.”

2) She doesn’t have stage fright. “I’ve been a stripper since I Was 15 years old so I’m not scared of being in front of a crowd. I can’t wait to perform.”

1) Kanye made people hate her:“When Kanye referred to me in his songs he didn’t care about the repercussions. He didn’t care that I had to walk around in the street and people were throwing things at me. That I have this celebrity status now and that people recognize me. If I was such a money grubbing whore why were we together for two years? We had a relationship.”

Watch the full interview below:


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