What is there to say about Amber Rose when so much about her life has been speculated about and placed on the internet for public consumption? Actually, a lot. After speaking to her, you come to realize there’s more to her than a famous ex-boyfriend, a new celebrity boyfriend, and nude photos. Amber Rose is a genuinely nice person. The fact she is a cool person is slightly shocking if you tend to believe the hype written on massive amounts of blogs.

I had a chance to have a brief sit down with the Smirnoff spokesperson at the Master of the Mix finale event in Atlanta this past weekend. Our conversation ranged from the inspiration behind the hair cut she’s made ubiquitous, the album she’s currently working on, and if she ever regrets getting emotional during interviews when answering questions about a certain someone in her past.

TUD: How did you get approached to be a judge on Master of the Mix?

AR: I initially got approached to do the Whipped and Fluffed ad campaign for Smirnoff. Smirnoff felt I was good for Whipped and Fluffed because whipped is kind of like the bad girl and fluffed is like the good girl. I’m a little bit of both. Then, Master of the Mix came along and they were like, “Amber, you host parties all around the world and you’re a party goer. I think it would be good to get your opinion on the DJs. You would be representing the people who are on the dance floor.” I was with it and I’m really thankful that I did it because it really turned out great.

A lot of people have asked why you are on the show and things like that. How hard was it for you to convince people you actually were on the  show representing the party goer’s aspect and not trying to feign like you had any expertise in scratching or mixing?

Totally. I definitely had to explain myself quite a few times because people didn’t understand that DJs don’t DJ for other DJs. They DJ for the people that are in the crowd dancing to their music. I’m really giving my opinion for you guys, those who are at the party. When it comes to the technical stuff like the scratching, that’s not my expertise. That’s up to Kid Capri and Vikter Duplaix. I’ve had to explain that to people quite a few times and I think people are starting to get that now.

Yeah. Now that it’s at the end of the show’s season.

[laughs] Exactly.

Being that it gets talked about all the time, I need to ask you about your fashion sense. How did you come up with your style?

Actually, since I was a little girl, I always dressed very crazy and mismatched. You know, kind of like Punky Brewster. My mom always encouraged me to be an individual. I would literally look crazy and my mom would say, “Baby, you look beautiful! Go out there and rock it! Don’t care what anyone says about you.” So I would go to school and girls would be like, “Amber, you look crazy. You look a mess.” My response was, “Well, my mom says I look dope!” My mom just gave me the confidence to put on whatever made me feel good. That’s why I wear my clothes with confidence.

How did the haircut come along? What was the inspiration for rocking a shaved head?

I love Sinead O’Connor! She was just so beautiful and such a rebel. She had the Public Enemy symbol drawn on her head and she was very outspoken. I really looked up to her. When I was 19 and old enough to make my own decisions, I would tell my friends, “You guys, I really just want to shave my f**king head!” They were like, “You’re gonna look crazy, Amber!” Based off the confidence my mom instilled in me, I didn’t care what  they thought. I went and I did it and I’ve had this haircut for nine years now.

Do you ever consider going back to wearing wigs or anything?

No! I lose all my swag when I have hair. It gets stuck to my lipgloss and in my lashes.

So tell me about your new song. Are you working on an album or are you just putting out the song?

Nope. I’m working on an entire album. My first single is “Fame” featuring Wiz Khalifa. It was very appropriate to put that song out first because it’s about the pros and cons of being famous. I know a lot of people in the world want to be rich and famous, flying in private jets, but there’s so much more to being famous than that. There are people criticizing everything you wear and everything you do. Anything you say can be used against you. You can’t fully voice your opinion when you’re famous because you’ll be under so much scrutiny.

Speaking of that, you’ve gotten emotional in interviews and everything like that. Do you sometimes regret getting so emotional over a question or an answer, knowing that you are one of the most criticized people on the internet these days?

I feel like that was something important for me to get out. It’s very true. Being criticized and having things thrown at me by people is very difficult. Dealing with the fact that somebody that we both know made an entire album tearing me apart is just not fair. I felt like that was something I had to let out and now I no longer talk about it.


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