Convicted drug dealer Freeway Rick Ross got his name jacked by not one, but TWO rappers. Philly’s Freeway and Ricky Rozay have assumed parts of the gangster’s I.D into their own stage names (the beards were their own idea). But they aren’t alone. Vibe compiled a list of 10 rappers who have borrowed names from notorious gangsters and evaluated how that’s worked out for them:

The Rapper: Kiam “Capone” Holley

The Gangster He Named Himself After: Al Capone

Good For Business? NO! Why do we think Noreaga would’ve been limited by his name if he’d stuck with it for his entire career? Look no further than N.O.R.E.’s partner-in-rhyme Capone, who never really enjoyed much success as a solo artist. Granted, his jail stint didn’t help things at all. But that—coupled with his gangster-inspired name—pretty much doomed him from the start as a solo act, didn’t it?


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