Hollywood didn’t believe that Black America will support a movie like Red Tails, and many African-Americans made it a point to make to see the film this weekend to help boost the box office numbers. But how did Red Tails do on its first weekend in theaters?

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The movie is exceeding expectations even though, studio execs didn’t expect the support to last. Red Tails surpassed the $15-$18 million it was projected to make in the first weekend by pulling in $19.4 million. On Friday, January 20th it earned $6-8 million thanks to busloads of African-Americans coming to midday screenings.

Red Tails is this weeks No. 2 film, finishing behind Underworld Awakening starring Kate Beckinsale and Michael Ely, which should brought in $25.2 million. (Not bad, since Red Tails was on almost 500 fewer screens than Underworld Awakening.)

Find out more about this weekend’s box office results right here.


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