A big part of rapping is competition but sometimes our favorite MCs don’t know when to sit out a round. Between lame disses from Canibus to J. Cole to half-hearted disses from Common to Drake, it feels like beef on wax is becoming more forced than that crunchy burritos at Taco Bell.

Should You Run For The Border?

If you’re having trouble keeping track, Vibe has come up with a handy list of the 10 most recent diss tracks that should have remained in Garage Band.

Unnecessary Diss 1

The Artist: Canibus

The Song: “J. Clone”

Who He Dissed: J. Cole

So, a guy goes on the record and sticks up for you and and says that he used to love your music—and your first response is to diss him? Well played, ‘Bis. And then you release a weird apology the next day and try to take it all back? Uh-uh. We can’t let that fly. Go sit yourself down on the sidelines and think about what you just did to the world by putting this out.


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