Things are getting nasty in the divorce between Charlie and Kenya Bell. Former NBA player Charlie Bell is accusing his estranged wife of being extremely reckless with her money and is citing her penchant for plastic surgery as evidence. This comes in response to an earlier claim made by Kenya Bell that Charlie spends most of his money shopping at Louis Vuitton in Paris while she and the children struggle .

Charlie Bell fired back at Kenya’s accusations with an itemized list of the things Kenya has squandered money on in the past. Judging from the list, Kenya Bell needed to get on “Basketball Wives” to support her wild spending habits. The list read as follows:

— $82,000 on a Corvette, which she drove for 3 weeks — then resold it for $61,000

— $12,000 on a motorcycle

— $20,000 on criminal attorneys

— $150,000 on “miscellaneous expenses to get even with Mr. Bell”

— $3,000 on her brother’s electric bill

— $9,000 on luggage and shoes

— and $110,000 on plastic surgeries and expenses in L.A. for the plastic surgery trips

Charlie now plays basket ball in Italy and also claims he gave Kenya $200,000 immediately before he left for Europe. That withstanding, he’s asking the court to deny her request for a large piece of his money be set aside for her each month. This can only get worse before it gets better.



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