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Show: From G’s To Gents

Who: Fonzworth Bentley (host)

Season 1 Contestants: Cee, Zenel, J-Boogie, Kesan, Shotta, Pretty Ricky, E6, Stan, Creepa, T-Jones, Mikey P, The Truth, Shaun, D-Boy

Season 2 Contestants: Fahim, Dirty, Protégé, Riff Raff, A-Felon, Flex, Roq Monte, Mito, Macho, Lank, All In, Blue, Dre, A.D. Killa, Teddy Tee, JoJo

When: From G’s to Gents premiered in July, 2008 and the 2nd season aired in February, 2009

Network: MTV

Summary: Nothing is more entertaining than watching someone be completely transformed physically and emotionally. Makeovers have been broadcasted on nearly every talk show, as well as the Extreme Makeover series, which dedicates the entire show to outrageous transformations. The audience is mesmerized by the changes and that is exactly why we loved Jamie Foxx’s, From G’s to Gents on MTV.

From G’s to Gents took 14-16 young gangsters and set them up in a Hollywood Hills mansion to compete against each other to become a true gentleman. Not only do the contestants get to completely makeover their image and personality, but the last gentleman standing takes home $100,000.

Gentleman: A courteous, gracious man with a strong sense of honor. This definition is given to describe what the G’s will become if they succeed on their mission. However, the G’s have a long way to go.

The men roll up to the mansion for the first time in full swag mode. They are covered with tattoos, gaudy bling, gold teeth, and baggy pants. In order to be a G you gotta have money, clothes, and a body. But, not all of the G’s have those characteristics. Two of the contestants were homeless before coming to the mansion. They have to stay sharp and rely on their street smarts to be a G. With names like Dirty, E6, and Riff Raff, these playas have a lot of work to do before they are granted membership into the gentleman’s club.

Tami Talks: I’m a personal friend of Fonzworth Bentley and I know what his vision was. I’m just not sure that the originals were G’s to begin with.

Impact: From G’s to Gents hoped to change the way society stereotypes young men who are considered to be “ghetto” or “from the hood.” Not all of these guys are criminals, in fact, most of them have families to support and are quite smart and talented. Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part these young men were brought up in broken homes with no real role models to help them grow up. This show was a way to give them the chance they never had to become a better person not only for themselves, but for their families.

Aftermath: Since the show ended, two of the cast members, Shane Coyle, a.k.a. Cee, and Markice “Kesan” Moore, were both thrown in jail.  According to TMZ, Cee had violated his probation from 2007. He was supposed to stay within court ordered limits, but allegedly overstepped his boundaries.

Kesan was charged with an improper lane change and driving without a license. According to, Kesan was accused of a brutal, bone-breaking attack on his infant daughter. The beating broke both of the infant’s arms, one leg, three ribs, and her collarbone. Kesan fled from the cops, but was said to be turning himself in.

Trivia: The winner of season 1, Thaddeus ”Creepa” Martin, was accused odfbeing a fraud and lying about his past to win over the other G’s and gain sympathy from the host. Creepa claimed that his father was murdered and his mother was disabled. His father was in fact killed, but there were rumors claiming his mother had a good job and was never disabled.


3)  During episode one of season 2, Dirty gets wasted and pushes Fahim into the pool causing Fahim to nearly drown!

2) Kesan and Creepa Fight..

1) The Gents learn to play Cricket??

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