The Battle for L.A. reached epic levels during last night’s tilt between the NBA’s Lakers and Clippers.  With hometown bragging rights hanging in the balance, the teams scrapped to a 113 to 108 decision in the Lakers’ favor. However, the talk of the night were the two muggings Blake Griffin committed against Kobe’s man Pau Gasol.

This first dunk may qualify as a religious sacrifice. After Randy Foye’s jumper bounced off the rim, Griffin lived up to his namesake by flying in like the mythical winged creature leaving Gasol’s soul on the altar of Anubis for judgement.

The second dunk came off of a pass from Caron Butler. Blake activated his Go-Go Gadget legs, threw a People’s elbow in Gasol’s neck, and flushed the rock (see what I did there?) for two disrespectful points.

Adding insult to injury, Gasol’s own teammate Andrew Bynum did little to hide his reaction to the crime.

If NBA fans are lucky enough to see these teams meet in the playoffs Gasol better pack some pepper spray and keep 911 on speed dial.  He should also be entitled to at least 10% of the proceeds from the posters he helped make. (Props to TSS)


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