Any celebrity looking to marry a common individual, contact Ruben Studdard’s attorney. Ruben Studdard’s divorce from Surata Zuri McCants was finalized a few months ago and the terms of divorce have leaked. Studdard is leaving his marriage with everything he came with, including the engagement ring.

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When divorce proceedings began due to irreconcilable differences last year, Studdard’s legal team got a little worried because McCants tried to have the judge nullify the pre-nup. She claimed Ruben blindsided her with signing a pre-nup a few days before their wedding in 2008. McCants also says she signed the papers after being pressured to do so. The judge decided against believing Surata McCants and upheld the pre-nup.

While Ruben Studdard walked away with all of thee money he earned during the marriage and not having to pay any spousal support, McCants got to keep her wedding dress, a 2006 BMW that Studdard must finish paying for, ten thousand dollars in a property settlement, a two thousand  dollars for attorney fees, and some photo albums. Basically, Surata McCants is leaving her marriage dead broke and naked.



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