Mobb Deep: Biggest Hip-Hop SplitsIn Coming To America, Eddie Murphy tells his friend, “It is also tradition that times must and always do change, my friend.” Though he was putting that in the context of choosing his own bride, that quote can be used in plenty of scenarios. Take rap crew splits, for instance. We though we would never see the day Prodigy and Havoc go back and forth on, of all things, Twitter. But it has happened. With Mobb Deep sending some rap fans’ heads spinning, The Urban Daily decided to retrace the steps of some of the most shocking splits in urban music. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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5. Leaders of the New School – While the Millenials were still learning their ABC’s, Leaders of the New School were on their way out of the rap game. After breaking onto the scene in 1991 with guest spots on the A Tribe Called Quest hit “Scenario,” Leaders of the New School made it big with their debut effort, A Future Without A Past. Though every rapper in the group had their own capable rhyme style, Busta Rhymes’ was the most noteworthy. By the time the group dropped their second release, tensions over Busta’s perceived show-stealing reached a boiling point. The group went on Yo! MTV Raps and couldn’t complete the interview because they wound up breaking up on set.

4. Dipset – During the mid-2000s, Cam’Ron’s rap crew The Diplomats ran the mixtape scene. You couldn’t have one day of peace before someone in Dipset dropped a new song, new mixtape, new freestyle, or new pink fashion accessory to buy. Around 2007, a change could be felt in the air surrounding Dipset. Minor squabbles turned into full fledged arguments and for a while it seemed Dipset would never get back together. The Dipset squad reunited in 2010 after squashing whatever insignificant beef they had.

3. Dru Hill – Sisqo decided he was going to go solo in 1999, which left the fates of the other members of Dru Hill in confusion. Dru Hill won fans with their tight harmonies and slightly ruff-neck vibe. After Sisqo’s solo career succumbed to the sophomore jinx, fans were clamoring for another project from the Baltimore quartet. They went to a Baltimore radio station to announce their reunion and things went left when Woody decided he would announce his departure from the group just moments after the group announced their reunion. Nokio got up and choked Woody while they were on air and the incident turned into a Youtube classic.

2. B2K – Chris Stokes had been known to manage teenage male R&B groups. He helped Immature/IMX rise to prominence in the early 90s. B2K was supposed to be the millenium successors. B2K had a string of hits and things were going smoothly. everything was cool until they finished promoting  You Got Served. Suddenly, news was spreading B2K was breaking up and the details surrounding their split were sketchy. That is until Raz B came out and alleged he and the rest of B2K were sexually abused by Chris Stokes. Everyone denied it, including Raz B. Now, B2K has reunited sans Raz and is looking to fix the damage those sexual abuse allegations did to their reputations.

1. Roc-A-Fella – The breakup of the Roc was something nobody ever saw coming. When Jay-Z made it big, Dame Dash was always by his side. After being around each other for more than a few years all the time, things got a little heated between the two. Jay-Z grew annoyed at how Dame conducted himself in business and Dame got pissed when Jay didn’t have his back in certain circumstances. By 2006, things came to a head. Jay told Dame he would give him his stake in the record label and the clothing line if Dame would give him the masters to Reasonable Doubt. Dame refused and Jay eviscerated Dame Dash’s career the same as he did former rap foes. Because Dame didn’t give up Reasonable Doubt, Jay took the Roc-A-Fella name. He’ll take blame for that. Check “Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix)”.


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