Despite a report to the contrary, Usher did not die in a car crash. The story came from Global Associated News – a random “news” outlet if there ever was one. Although anyone with good sense would’ve waited for his publicist to confirm such horrific news to CNN, MSNBC, or better yet TMZ, the internet continues to prove how many suckers there are in the world. So the rumor spread fast via social media, only to be shut down by the walking dead himself online.

Usher assured fans that he is very much alive, tweeting, “I must’ve died and went to heaven…Alive and cold kickin ass!!”  Not only is he alive, he’s in tip top fighter shape as he evidenced by the subsequent photo of himself that he tweeted along with the “Livin’ Legend!” declaration. Yes, modest and on top of his Google Alerts. Go head with your bad self, Usher.

In any event, the six-pack show boating photographic evidence proves that not only is Usher alive, he’s prepping hard for his role as Sugar Ray Leonard in an upcoming film. Can he live?

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