The Baltimore Ravens hopefully are paying lineman Bryant McKinnie a nice piece of change. He’s going to need every cent of it. Bryant McKinnie is being sued for $4.3 million for defaulting on paying back a huge loan.

When McKinnie was playing for the Minnesota Vikings, he took out a loan for four million dollars for unknown reasons. Many speculate that Bryant took the loan out because he knew that Hurricane NFL Lockout was on it way. McKinnie went to Pro Player Funding to secure a personal loan. The loan McKinnie took was a high risk/high interest that allowed the company to sue him for the money if he missed one payment.

The then Viking directed his paychecks to go straight from the NFL to Pro player Funding to put a dent in the debt. Problems arose when the lockout ended and Minnesota cut McKinnie from the team. When McKinnie lost his job with the Vikings, he never made any arrangements to continue paying the bill. He missed a payment in August of 2011 and Pro Player Funding went right to court and sued. Naturally, the judge sided with the loan company. Bryant McKinnie must now pay back the four million plus $300,000 interest.

Several NFL players have spoken out against loans like these because the result winds up being something like the situation Bryant McKinnie is in.



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