Speaking with Defy magazine, Tyrese offered yet another opinion on the state of music. In sum, he doesn’t see it for many of the folks currently crooning about doing the adult. Why? Because he thinks they are secret virgins? Okay, maybe not but he does seem to questions whether they’ve really had the good-good in a great way.

You can see the ever opinionated actor-singer’s thoughts below:

What’s lacking in music these days is the conviction. I don’t believe you. Why are you singing about sex when you don’t even know what good sex is? You’ve never had good sex. You have to be able to sing about it and come from that real place. People think you can take some sexual lyrics and get up on the mic and have a good voice and that’s it, but there’s going to be a disconnect … I think people are convinced that I know about love, and I know about relationships and the challenges, and I sing about the things that are real to me. People connect to it because it’s real and that’s why it works.

I’m not sure as t who he’s referring to, but he’s entitled to his opinion. You can read more excerpts fromTyrese’s Defy magazine interview over at Necole Bitchie.

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