When the stars align, you get a movie like “Dysfunctional Friends.”

10 friends reunite to mourn the death of their fallen friend, who was the glue that held them all together in college. He leaves them a small fortune after his passing, but to obtain the money, they must endure being locked in his mansion with one another for one week without leaving.

Stacey Dash, Reagan Gomez, Jason Weaver, Persia White, Tatyana Ali, Hosea Chanchez, Terrell Owens, Stacy Keibler and Christian Keyes star in the dramedy which will leave you laughing, optimistic and missing your college buddies!

Check out 5 reasons to watch the star-studded DVD:

5. Jason Weaver Vs. Hosea Chanchez

One of the main disputes in this Corey Grant film is the on-going feud between Jason Weaver and Hosea Chanchez’s characters–Gary and Jamal. Gary–a porn director– is blamed for Jamal’s failed rap career (it was doomed from the beginning) solely because the music video he produced for him was borderline erotic and simply–TERRIBLE! The video single-handedly delivers enough laughs for the duration of the hour and 40 minute flick!

4. The “Man Candy”

Between Terrell Owens, Christian Keyes, Datari Turner and Wesley Jonathan, there is enough muscle fiber to share with the entire New York Jets football team.

3. Cheaters always get caught!

One of the best scenes in “Dysfunctional Friends” occurs when Alex (Tatyana Ali) catches her husband–Brett (Wesley Jonathan) cheating with his secretary–Hanna (Vanessa Simmons). “I know what this is” says Alex before charging a timid and soft-spoken Hanna. Tatyana’s delivery is too perfect (almost makes you wonder…)

2. Reagan Gomez-Preston is hilarious!

There haven’t been many roles where Reagan Preston-Gomez flexed her funny bone. But, “Dysfunctional Friends” isn’t one of them. She let’s loose and becomes the character you want to see more and more. Every scene she is in, is livened by her beautiful face and gritty approach. Though she is an instigator, the movie wouldn’t be the same without her.

1: This woman right here: STACEY DASH

Stacey Dash is probably the only female who can steal your eye from Meagan Good’s…goods! Dash, 46 successfully embraces the role of a woman in her late 20’s–early 30’s. She is Jackson’s (Terrell Owens) love interest and more importantly–Aaron’s (Datari Turner) old college love. Aaron won’t let her go and even though she is set to be married in a few months, he won’t give up on reclaiming the love he lost!

Besides all of that: She’s the hottest woman in the game!

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