On her weight loss, a happily thinner and healthier Mariah Carey tells USA Today, “I feel better in every way. To me, it’s mind, body and soul. I was in a bad place physically during my pregnancy.” After she noticeably gained weight during her difficult pregnancy – which included her being bedridden with nothing to do but eat chocolate and catfish (actually, that’s what I would’ve done, who knows what she did exactly) – several diet companies wanted to show her where the cash was at in exchange of her publicly endorsing their products. You know, pending a slide down the heftier side of the scale first.

By now you’ve likely seen the hair tossing commercial Carey did with Jenny Craig, so you know what direction she decided to take. On her choice, Carey explained after speaking to execs at the company rebranding itself as simply “Jenny” she decided they were the company that gets her. She said all of them “had their own issues with weight,” which gave her a “kinship with everybody I spoke with.”

As to those curious about her current weight, Carey says she doesn’t go by the scale but by “my dress size. Right now I am between a 4 or 6.” She also noted, “I worked like a fiend.”


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