It’s hard out here for DVDs. The once innovative form of home entertainment is dying a slow and painful death. Considering the trend of the planet becoming more dependent on the internet, movies will eventually only be available online. Our friends at posted a piece about the streaming of films online making DVDs and blu-rays obselete. Read an excerpt below:

The DVD is dead. And you helped kill it.

Oh, we’ll still have DVDs and Blu-rays around for a few more years, but they’ll eventually give way to purely digital copies of movies that live on your hard drive or, more likely, live in the Internet cloud so you can stream them on any Web-connected device, wherever you happen to be.

Yes, just as you’ve finally finished converting your old VHS movie library to DVD, or your DVD library to Blu-ray, the industry wants you to convert once more (for a healthy fee, of course). But your shelves will clear up, you’ll have access to all your movies at a click, and you’ll be able to watch the same file on your smartphone or tablet that you watch on your living room flatscreen.

The latest indication that a disc-less future is already here comes in a study released last week by trade publication IHS Screen Digest (available behind a paywall here). According to the study, streaming viewing of movies will overtake disc viewing this year. IHS Screen Digest projects that there will be 3.4 billion online viewings of movies this year (and that’s just the paid, legal ones), more than double the 1.4 billion streams and downloads tracked in 2011. By contrast, disc views will number 2.4 billion, down a bit from 2.6 billion views last year.

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