It’s time to put on your critical thinking caps, America.  Earlier this week, Chester French, an indie pop band,  released their latest single “Black Girls.” Judging from the lyrics of the song, the group is supposedly showing their love for black women everywhere:

While the video is beautifully shot in black and white, there is clearly some dissonance between the message and visuals.  While the song starts off declaring, “This ain’t no fetish, ain’t objectifying no one,”  the chorus,  “I’ve got a thing for Black Girls” comes off as contradictory.  To say you have a “thing” for black women is indeed objectification, because you strip us of our individuality and expect us to fulfill certain sexual fetishes based on tired stereotypes of black female sexuality.

And let’s be clear, any white guy who proclaims he has a  “thing for black girls” isn’t looking for any real or serious emotional connection, i.e. don’t expect to meet his parents anytime soon.  Healthy interracial relationships work on the premise of recognizing the differences in skin color (and culture) and accepting your partner holistically–mind, body and soul.

The recent attack on Black women from  the media and amongst some of  our own black male celebrities  may  play a role as to why droves of Black women are so quick to embrace Chester French‘s backhanded attempt to show us love.  But seriously, do we really need validation from two White guys to tell us that Black girls rock?    We’ve rounded up five music videos that showcase our beauty and desirability in a more authentic light:


Wale is one of the few recording artists on the scene who proudly features pretty brown girls in his music video.  Bre Scullark’s (who plays the love interest) natural beauty lights up the screen.

4)Michael Jackson “In The Closet”

Speculate all you want on the King of Pop’s sexual preference, there’s no denying this beautifully shot video featuring Naomi Campbell set screens on fire when it hit the airwaves.

3)Common “I Want You”

We should all be lucky enough to be in Common’s shoes.  Stuck in a love triangle between Alicia Keys and Kerry Washington? We want to sign up!

2) Pretty Brown Eyes “Mint Condition”

This Minneapolis band made it clear that being our beautiful brown selves was more than enough.

1) Robin Thicke “Lost Without You”

One of Hollywood’s hottest couples, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton are a wonderful example of interracial love done right.


Boyz II Men “On Bended Knee”

Our favorite boy band rounded up a head spinning bevy of Hollywood beauties (Victoria Rowell, Lark Voorhies, Kim Fields, Renee Jones) for this tear-jerking song.

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