There’s no doubt that couples and singles alike this weekend will have a pen and pad ready when they head to the theater to learn the answers to their dating dilemmas in Think Like a Man.  But before Steve Harvey and the sultry cast dispel some of the biggest relationship myths, we look back on five films that offered tried and tested advice on romance.

5) Cheaters Never Win (Jungle Fever): You shouldn’t need to read this to know that it’s not wise to creep out on your girl. But you definitely don’t want to be parading your vanilla side piece around your neighborhood, like your clothes can’t be thrown out onto the sidewalk by your PO’ed wife. Yes, that same wife who’ll ill on you from her window while you’re picking your drawers off the street in front of the whole neighborhood. Don’t let it happen to you, kids.

4) Don’t hate the player; hate the game (Boomerang): Seriously, though. You can’t hate on Marcus for playing the field. After all, he was single. Many women can learn from his style. Ladies should never put all their eggs in one basket (read: get sprung on that one dude who took you out that one time). Play the game.

3)Learn when to back off (Why Do Fools Fall In Love?): Whoever said it was cute to throw elbows with other women for one man lied. Once you learn your man is several other women’s man, it’s time to run in the opposite direction. It is never worth dragging your own reputation through the mud by wildin’ out on other women who aren’t worth your time and energy.

2)Maintain a healthy sex life, even as a parent (Claudine): Who said your sex life has to dwindle after kids? Certainly not Claudine. The Harlem mom of six might have had her hands full at home keeping her kids in check, but that did not stop her from finding love in a hopeless place. Adult sleepovers at her beau’s apartment kept things steamy between the two and surely put an extra pep in her step.

1) You’re hotter when you can bust a rhyme (Love Jones): Ok, that’s not always guaranteed, but it helps. If you can spit soulful rhymes over a buttery smooth beat, you’re kinda winning. Be creative, be artistic. Dinner and a movie can get redundant. Try an open mic date and be a hipster for the night. You may get lucky.

Candice Frederick is an NABJ award-winning journalist, film critic, and blogger for Reel Talk. Follow her on twitter.


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