A lot of rappers are claiming to be the next savior of hip-hop of late: Eminem just said, “nobody really cares about substance,” Ja Rule said rap is losing its fight against other music genres, and Diddy declared that Bad Boy is the last rap label standing. Well, Ice-T has joined the fray with a new label and a few things to say about modern music [click here to read].

Appearing at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of the new CBGB documentary, Ice-T told the NY Daily News, “I’m starting a digital label through EMI. I’m trying to get back to more hip-hop. To me, music right now is like disco. It’s very sing-songy, and nobody’s dealing with content. That’s what I miss. I miss Tupac and Big.”

His call for “content” definitely echoes Eminem’s recent statement, but what about the current rap scene? “You got Lupe Fiasco and TI now,” Ice-T continued, “but in general, we’re swamped with bubblegum pop.”

Maybe Ice-T and Coco can do a group album together? Check out their gallery below:

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