TheUrbanDaily does not in any way condone, nor criticize, those who celebrate the infamous 4/20 Holiday. But if you are so inclined to put one (or two) in the air this year, please keep in mind the incidents below and be smart about what you do. That means: Be safe; And if you can’t be safe, at least be careful.

10) Wiz Khalifah

This generation’s official weed-representative, Wiz, got knocked for weed just as his star began to truly shine. In November 2010, during his “Waken Baken” tour at East Carolina University, Wiz was arrested for possession and trafficking of marijuana. He was then released the next morning after posting a $300K bond and resumed his tour. The charges didn’t stick and the outpour of support for the paper plane rollin rapper solidified his cannibus cred. Proudly carrying his medical marijuana card, Wiz is still living young, wild and free.

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