Latina pop star Jennifer Lopez is trying her damnedest to make sure we don’t get to see her lady parts.

The American Idol judge is embroiled in a heated legal feud with her first ex-husband Ojani Noa over an alleged sex tape he claims to have. Noa claims the tape was made while on their honeymoon. When Lopez caught wind of Noa’s plan to release the tape, she put her trusted legal team on the case to block the public consumption of it.

Ojani Noa’s business partner Ed Myer sent a letter to Jennifer Lopez’ lawyer Jay Lavely contesting Lopez’ assertions that she never consented to the release or sale of the alleged sex home video. Myer wrote, “[Jennifer] has made numerous claims and allegations that she has never consented to Ojani Noa’s Home Videos. This is despite Jennifer Lopez clearly giving her consent to Ojani Noa on the Home Videos, on not just one, but on several occasions. Jay, you and I have looked at hours and hours of Ojani Noa’s Home Videos, and Jennifer Lopez never, repeat, never ever verbally withholds her consent on the Home Videos … [she] never withheld her consent, but you did.”

Brothas, are you checking for a Jennifer Lopez sextape? Hit us in the comments.



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