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Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Cam’ron, Ghostface, The Game, Nas, Kanye West, and now T.I. The list of rappers that 50 Cent has gotten into it with reads like the waiting list at a Maybach dealership. He’s flirted with Jay-Z but won’t invite him to dance just yet. Now that Lil Weezy is the million-unit man he is the most likely candidate for the next shots. And he’s an equal opportunity beefer with BET’s Rocsi and even his baby mom is catching the business. But what do you do when there’s no one left to fight and you have an album to promote? We’re taking odds on who 50 is bound to pick a fight with next.

Vince McMahon

If anybody can get 50 some attention it’s the Chairman of the WWE. He’s made a career out of manufacturing drama to the delight of millions. He might even let Fif jump in the squared circle and throw some bows.

The Kool-Aid Man

It’s still the most trafficked powder in the hood and it’s the easiest “purp” to find. As the only legitimate threat to his Vitamin Water empire 50 might have to put Glass Joe through a wall for real. Oh, yeah!

Barack Obama

When Curtis first came out he said that is moniker stood for “Change,” well now the Senator from the Chi has taken that mantra and ran with it to the Democratic Presidential nomination. With so many rappers backing him, taking out Barack would give 50 a serious boost of street cred, but that’s only if he can get past Michelle.

Stewie Griffin

The most ruthless member of that other G-Unit would give 50 a run for his money. Stewie’s gangster is unmatched by any rapper as he has blasted his mom off the deck of a cruise ship. Adn who can forget his call out on MTV “Now, you listen to me, Mr. Cent. If you want to make it in this business, lay off the doobie!”

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