In promotion of her new solo EP, Armor On, singer-songwriter Dawn Richard talked about life after Danity Kane and Diddy-Dirty Money with Regard magazine. According to the New Orleans native after leaving the popular groups, ” I decided that I would just go harder and find a way to stay dancing inside the music.”

Select excerpts from the interview below courtesy of Necole Bitchie:

On drawbacks she encountered when Danity Kane disbanded:

There were no drawbacks. I didn’t allow them. When one chapter closes, you have to start a new one. For me, if you allow yourself to think there are drawbacks then there will be some. I decided that I would just go harder and find a way to stay dancing inside the music.

On what she enjoyed most about working with Diddy & Dirty Money:

I enjoyed the freedom to dream sonically and lyrically. It was less “boxed,” more “innovative” and that was the place where I dwelled. So, I was in my element. The edge. The rawness. The sound we created became a platform for others. Whether they admit it or not, we broke boundaries with that album.

On what inspired her to take her music in a different direction for her solo project:

It isn’t a different direction. It’s a continued one. I’ve just progressed the sound I already had. I think every album, every experience you have to grow. Each time I came out, whether in a group or solo, I’ve tried to best whatever I’ve already put out. It shows growth, strategy, and creativity. Why would you ask a person to buy and believe in a brand that never works to be better? I want to challenge people to grow with me. I like pushing the limits. For this project, I chose to be me. And that in itself, is taking things in a different direction.

If you missed it, here’s Dawn Richard’s latest video for the single “Bomb”:


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