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Queens MC Nicki Minaj as realized the power of social networking.

After deleting her Twitter account because people were leaking her new material, Nicki Minaj reactivated her Twitter. Minaj has yet to type a single character since re-opening the page. When she left Twitter, Nicki had 10,000,000 followers. The Young Money rapper has gained 60,000 back.

Many believed Nicki Minaj’s deletion of Twitter was a stunt to drum up more sales of her album Pink Friday 2: Roman Reloaded. While on a press tour in London, Nicki told everybody how much she hated social networking. She also t0old Tim Westwood that she was contemplating retirement. Let me rephrase. Nicki Minaj didn’t talk about how she felt about retiring soon, one of the voices in her head was talking about it.

Stay tuned to see what the voices in Nicki Minaj’s head get her to do and regret later.



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