Every hip-hop fan worth their salt knows J Dilla had an amazing record collection.

Since the producer’s death in 2006 due to complications from lupus, fans have wondered what happened to his extensive record collection. Wonder no more because a man in the Detroit area stumbled upon them and is selling them in his record store. Jeff Bubeck is the owner of a record store called UHF in Royal Oak, Michigan found the records when he bought an abandoned storage unit.

Upon first glance, Bubeck didn’t recognize the name on a few cassettes that read JayDee’s Beats.” Along with a few beat tapes and the records, there were some pieces of junk mail addressed to James Yancey. When he searched the name on Google, he found out he acquired the record collection of one of the most beloved hip-hop entities ever.  When Jeff Bubeck realized the goldmine he stumbled upon he said, “It was pretty shocking. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'”

Being the notorious crate digger he was, Dilla had the most obscure records. A lot of them would be considered throwaways, but Dilla also was in possession of 70s Detroit jazz label Tribe Records’ vinyl releases. Those are worth a pretty penny, according to Jeff Bubeck, who’s been selling and trading records for a number of years.

Bubeck reached out to Stones Throw Records, which is the imprint Dilla recorded for in his later years, about his find. Bubeck tried plenty of times to contact Dilla’s mother Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, but was unsuccessful. Bubeck plans to split the proceeds from the sale of J Dilla’s personal record stash with The J Dilla Foundation. Bubeck marks J Dilla’s records with a special yellow tag to identify them as part of Dilla’s personal vinyl arsenal. Fans are clamoring for a piece of something of the celebrated hip-hop producer. Bubeck says, “A lot of people were saying, ‘I just want one record that was his,” says Scott Hagen, one of UHF’s owners. “They just want to own something that once belonged to Dilla.”

If you want something Dilla touched, Jeff Bubeck is only selling several records at a time. We all know how serious Dilla’s collection was, so hit up UHF Record Store in Royal Oak, Michigan.



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