Although she’s only fairly recently come into her own burgeoning stardom, Zoe Kravitz knows a lot about celebrity thanks to her famous parents actress Lisa Bonet and rocker Lenny Kravitz. With that in mind, it’s no wonder the famous spawn who combines each of her parent’s noted talent for her own career was asked to explain her contemporary concept of fame in her interview with Nylon magazine.

Zoe on today’s concept of fame:

“I think because of the Internet and everyone’s obsession with celebrity and paparazzi and blogs and phones being hacked, we have an incredible amount of access to other people’s lives. People now expect more than a performance. They expect to know what you do and what you’re wearing and who you’re f**king and what you ate that day and what time you took a s**t… [When I was at Jennifer Lawrence’s house] she was like, ‘Can we just stay home and watch TV all night? I can’t leave my house.’ And I was like, ‘Jen, I’m not going to bulls**t you. This isn’t going away tomorrow.'”

Meanwhile, Zoe also talked about her personal style:

“I feel like everyone thinks that everyone should look the same – clean cut. If I go to a party and my hair’s messy and my shirt’s ripped or whatever, it’s like, ‘She’s a crackhead.’ I’m like, ‘Do I have to look like a f**king perfect Barbie doll?’ The cool thing about fashion is that if you do it right, it’s an art form and it’s a way to express yourself.”


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