At the end of last season’s Love & Hip-Hop, Olivia said she signed a deal and nobody believed her. Everybody must eat crow because she was telling the truth.

G-Unit’s former First Lady inked a record deal with Jerry Wonda. If the name is unfamiliar, his work surely isn’t. Wonda co-produced Whitney Houston’s “My Love Is Your Love” right along with Shakira’s massive “Hips Don’t Lie.” He recently recruited Olivia to join his start up music label, Wonda Music.

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Part of Olivia’s storyline on last season of Love & Hip-Hop was finally opening up to Jerry Wonda about her childhood and fans got to see the two vibe in the studio and create a track.

We’re glad Olivia finally has signed a deal and is set to drop her official sophomore release at the end of the year, but we all know how her other record deals ended. Let’s hope this is a better partnership than she had with Clive Davis and later with 50 Cent.



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