Legendary MC Nas caused an uproar with his ex and mother of his teenage daughter Destiny when he released his latest single, “Daughters.”

Though Nas’ ex Carmen Bryan took to Twitter to slam the rapper for releasing a song that rehashes the mistakes of their daughter for the world’s enjoyment, Destiny and her father hung out for the weekend. Destiny Jones tweeted about hanging with her famous pops and even twitpic’d a photo of them in the car.

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Check out Destiny’s series of tweets. Was Carmen Bryan right to blast Nas on Twitter about his song? Was it wrong for Nas to write a song about his daughter that didn’t portray her in the most positive light? Sound off in the comments.!/Destiny_Jones1/status/196735363748859904!/Destiny_Jones1/status/196746378402213888!/Destiny_Jones1/status/196702265678106624



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