Floyd Mayweather. Jr remains undefeated after winning a unanimous decision against Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas.

Non-Gamblers Can Win Big in Las Vegas

The 12-round match was an intense contest for most of those rounds, with Mayweather’s nose being bloodied. But he walked away with Cotto’s 154-pound title and over $32 Million.

“You’re a hell of a champion,” Mayweather told Cotto in the ring afterward. “You’re the toughest guy I ever fought.” Mayweather’s record is now an impressive 43-0 with 26 knock outs.

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The events before and after the fight threatened to overshadow it.  Mayweather raised eyebrows when he walked into the ring with his friend 50 Cent, pop star Justin Bieber and wrestler Triple H. The motley crew marched to the ring to 2 Chainz, “Riot.”

As soon as the decision was announced attention pivoted to the jail sentence that Mayweather has to begin on June 1st. Last December he plead guilty to domestic violence charges involving his ex-girlfriend and was sentenced to 90 Days in jail.

“In life there’s obstacles,” Mayweather said. “When it comes to June 1, I have to accept it like a man.”

The only unresolved business left for Mayweather after the short bid is whether he will fight Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather maintained that he wanted the fight to happen but insisted that Pac Man take a blood test prior.

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“If you say you’re the best, take the test,” he said sounding like a PSA. If that match happens it would easily be the biggest payday of his career, but he could just opt to retire undefeated.


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