Hell hath no fury like a celebrity’s baby mama scorned. Josie Harris and Shaniqua Tompkin, mothers of children from Floyd Mayweather and 50 cent, respectively, recently gave a tea spilling interview with — airing out all of their business with respect to their former relationships with these famous men.

Have 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather ever gotten violent? 

Shaniqua Tompkins: Yes. When he put his hands on me in front of my daughter is when I knew the relationship was over. I’d never fight any of the girls he was messing around behind my back with though. Hoes are going to be hoes.

Josie Harris: Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a d***. I have forgiven him, I’m over it. I did my s***. I’ve hit him over the head with a Tonka truck [

Is Josie still dating C.J. Watson?

He put the running shoes on. Floyd was ringing his phone, C.J. even had to change his number.

On their exes dating other women?

Shaniqua: 50 still won’t admit to me he is dating her (Daphne Joy). He won’t talk about her or them dating. He does NOT acknowledge her to me, Crazy! She will learn. (Laughs)

Josie: Ms. Dade, as in Dade County, Florida, where she’s from (Shantel Jackson) is in it for the money. She is controlled. Let me tell you how crazy it all is… they just announced on the radio that they are getting married on my birthday! C’mon…he knows what he’s doing and what type of woman agrees to that?

Shaniqua’s thoughts on 50 Cent’s relationship with Chelsea Handler?

Shaniqua: 50 is a bully, but he’s afraid of Chelsea, she’s bigger than him. As for him in bed…he’s okay.

Would Josie sleep with Floyd again?

Yes, but only if he had a drink first. Sober Floyd is boring and I like to have fun in bed!

How do they feel about Floyd and 50 Cent’s friendship?

You mean their bromance? They’ve been friends a long time. (Josie and Shaniqua look at each other and laugh.)

How does Floyd feel about Josie’s book on their old relationship?

I told Floyd to suck my d***. Seriously. It’s not about Floyd or me, it’s about the kids and making money to provide for and support them. Why wouldn’t he give me that as the mother of his children? I want him to write the forward to the book!

Props to Necole Bitchie.


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