Days after the tragic news of Adam “MCA” Yauch’s death, it has been revealed the Beastie Boys and the label they’re signed to are being sued for the use of uncleared samples.

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Tuf America, a hip-hop/R&B imprint, have taken the Beastie Boys and Capitol Records to court over four songs that use samples that Tuf America claims weren’t cleared. The lawsuit names all three members of the legendary hip-hop group. Tuf America filed the suit exactly one day before MCA’s untimely passing in the District Court of Southern District of New York.

Tuf America alleges the Beastie Boys illegally sampled a few of Tuf America’s songs for their landmark albums License to Ill and Paul’s Boutique. Beastie Boys allegedly sampled Trouble Funk’s songs “Say What” and “Drop the Bomb” which were released in 1982. Tuf America says “Say What” was illegally sampled on Beastie Boys’ “Shadrach,” a track from Paul’s Boutique.

Beastie Boys are said to have used portions of “Drop the Bomb” on “Hold It Now Hit It.” “The New Style,” and “Car Bomb.” Tuf America says they performed a sound analysis and concluded Beastie Boys incorporated illegal samples in the aforementioned material. Tuf America claims Capitol Records and Beastie Boys continue to profit from anniversary and commemorative re-releases.

Tuf America wishes to have the suit go before a judge to decide exactly how much money they should receive from Capitol Records and the hip-hop group.

Check out AllHipHop for photos of the court documents.


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