Former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson got duped and it cost him $1,000. The ESPN commentator unknowingly let a photographer into his gated community who was eventually caught spying on The Kardashians.

As the story goes, Kim and her sisters Khloe and Kourtney were shooting scenes for the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in The Oaks gated community. The Oaks is where Kourtney owns a condo. As the three ladies shot their scenes, they noticed a black car creeping up the street which parked near the oldest Kardashian’s crib.

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Though the shoot lasted almost eight hours, the car stayed parked until the ladies walked past the car. As they walked past, they saw the photographer stick a camera out of the window to snap a few stills of them. Not pleased with the uninvited attention, the Kardashian women stepped to the photographer who began apologizing repeatedly.

Kourtney called the police and the community’s security guards. Security for the community looked into the photographer’s pass and determined he was allowed onto the property because Keyshawn Johnson approved a pass for him. The Kardashians were assured Johnson would be fined for his offense. Johnson says he only approved the photographer’s pass because he was disguised as a delivery person. Keyshawn went on to say he hasn’t been notified about a fine and he went over to Kourtney’s house to apologize for the situation.

This is why you can’t believe everybody when they say something.



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