Former NFL star Terrell Owens is known for not making the best decisions with his money. Terrell Owens’ money and parenting skills were the subject of a Dr. Phil episode that featured  Owens’ three baby mommas.

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All three of T.O.’s exes allege he isn’t a father to his children in any form. They say Owens denies his children birthday and Christmas gifts because the money for said gifts wouldn’t be deducted from his child support payments. One of his exes claims he wanted all four of his kids to meet for the first time on his reality show to project the image of being a stand-up dad.

In typical fashion, Terrell responded to the three women’s claims by calling them gold diggers who are attempting to drain every cent he has out of his bank account. Owens went on to say his failures as a parent are due to his father not being there for him as a child.

Blaming your shortcomings on having an absentee father is such a cop out. If you didn’t like the way you were treated by your absentee parent, you should be motivated to break the cycle. Man up, Terrell.



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