Rapper Yung Berg is used to being on the receiving end of someone popping off. This time he’s the aggressor. The only problem is Yung Berg is beefing with R&B artist Teairra Mari over him saying she tried to hit on him while she was allegedly dating Ray J.

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When Yung Berg made claims Teairra Mari tried to get him to choose her, Teairra Mari denied the whole thing. She then said she would have Yung Berg beat up and robbed like the time he was assaulted and had his Transformers chain stolen. Berg’s famous jacking took place in the Motor City.

Yung Berg wasn’t phased by Teairra’s threat and responded by saying, “After I did the interview, I called Ray J and I said, ‘Yo, this is what I talked about in my interview,’ because I spoke candidly about our relationship and I felt my loyalty is to Ray; it’s not nowhere near to Teairra.”

“I don’t even know her like that, and at the end of the day, why are we gonna go back and forth about [how] you tired to holla at me…you know what you did,” Yung Berg elaborated. “I’ve got bigger things to worry about than being trivial over some pussy, especially when there’s so much pussy out there. I’ve been called worse by better people than her.”

Really though, Yung Berg?! I don’t understand why he felt the need to try to play Teairra Mari. She just got a little bit of fame back because of her appearance on last season’s Love & Hip-Hop. Plus, nobody takes Yung Berg seriously anyway. So why was all of this necessary? Don’t worry, I’ll wait..



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