Despite the media being banned from hearing all of the gory details concerning Usher and Tameka Raymond’s custody battle, some information is still hitting the internet.

The Grammy award winning singer testified his ex-wife went through 11 nannies and that all of them claimed Tameka barely left her room because she was so depressed. According to one of the nannies, Tameka told her, “They’re upstairs.” Also one of the boys had to tell the nanny he was allergic to peanuts because his mother neglected to do so.

Another nanny alleged she was forced to sit in a car with one of the Raymond boys while Tameka attended a basketball game because there weren’t enough tickets to go around. This incident happened during a trip to Miami. The last gripe a nanny had about Tameka was that she said she was going to the movies, but didn’t come back for three days.

Though the nannies went in on Tameka, Usher was not exempt from the drama. Usher was accused of sending the boys home after teaching them new cuss words and he was accused of sleeping with two of the bridesmaids.

When will these two calm themselves and act like adults when it comes to their children?



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