With cats now a days dropping 16’s like pennies in a wishing well every other day, overlooking excellence can become an easy thing to do. Rappers pop up in droves, devaluing the music they claim to love by dumping half-assed efforts onto the masses in daily doses.

Well on the Birthday of one Trevor Smith aka Busta Rhymes, aka The Dungeon Dragon, the good folks at TheUrbandaily decided it was only right to shout out, salute and pay homage to one of the most consistent and charismatic icons in the history of Hip-Hop music.

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As a man with his fingerprints on so many big records, moments, memories and eras throughout his career, trying to figure out exactly what to showcase gave this writer a nosebleed and several sleepless nights. But after a whole lot of naps and prayer, we decided to go with some of Busta Rhymes best collaborations. After that list seemed to extend till judgment day, we decided to narrow the field to exclude records that weren’t his. Check it out, include your list and wish a Happy Birthday to the Dungeon Dragon!


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