Geraldo Rivera has been very open with his sentiments regarding the killing of Trayvon Martin and the role his hoodie played in the situation.

Geraldo has gone as far as saying if Trayvon would have just explained himself to Zimmerman, who questioned his intent and presence in his neighborhood, this possibly wouldn’t have happened. He also likens Trayvon’s hoodie to “thug wear” and that made him a target to be picked on but then again…Geraldo has been punched in the face once before for his outspokenness.

It does not matter to Geraldo, that Zimmerman was given distinct orders not pursue Martin. Geraldo also doesn’t seem to care that Martin wasn’t doing anything wrong besides walking while being black.

“If he had taken that damn hood off his head, if he and Zimmerman had only spoken…don’t you think that could have avoided this awful tragedy?” says Rivera.

Benjamin Crump–Trayvon Martin’s family’s attorney asked a simple but important question: “You mean to tell me if Mark Zuckerberg was walking through the gated community, he could be profiled by George Zimmerman? What’s the difference between the two?”

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