Bobbi Kristina has just landed herself in some serious hot water. She was allegedly caught on camera gambling at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Bobbi Kristina was in Vegas to accept the Millennium Award  given to her mother, the late Whitney Houston, presented at the Billboard Music Awards. While she enjoyed her stay, a camera caught a young black couple who vaguely resemble Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend Nick Gordon playing the slot machines. This would be all fine and good if Bobbi Kristina wasn’t 19 years-old.

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After hearing rumors about the incident, the MGM Grand is launching an investigation into the matter. Hotel personnel are looking into the video footage and questioning casino employees regarding Bobbi Kristina’s alleged gambling. While the hotel has launched an internal inquiry, the Nevada Gaming Commission is also looking into the incident.

If Bobbi Kristina is found guilty of underaged gambling which is a misdemeanor, she could face a $1,000 fine or up to six months in jail. The MGM Grand Hotel would face a larger fine if it’s found to be Bobbi Kristina on the video.

Check out the video. Is that Bobbi Kristina and her boyfriend Nick Gordon or people who just fit their description?



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