The Houston family must really dislike Ray J. They’ve always had an issue with the relationship he had with Whitney Houston. Now, it seems the drama between the two parties has landed Ray J in the hospital.

Ray J was rushed to the hospital the day after the Billboard Awards after a friend went to his room and noticed he was “out of it.” He was so “out of it,” he couldn’t even get himself out of the bed. Many are saying his trip to the hospital had something to do with the verbal altercation he got into with Pat Houston at the Billboard Awards. He and Pat Houston reportedly got into a disagreement because Ray J was seated a little too close to the Houston family at the Billboard ceremony. The family demanded he moved and things went left afterwards.

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However, when Ray’s friend visited his hotel room, they immediately called for an ambulance because Ray J was extremely disoriented. Some are chalking Ray J’s hospital stay up to a mix of jet lag coupled with exhaustion and dehydration. Ray J had just gotten off a 32 hour flight from China and proceeded to make the four hour drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for the Billboard Awards.

Ray J is still in the hospital and it is unclear as to when he will be released.

Do you think Ray J’s hospital stay has more to do with Whitney Houston and her family rather than jet lag and exhaustion? Let us know in the comment section below.



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