A year after being found guilty of obstruction of justice, former Major League Baseball player Barry Bonds is looking for a new gig. The home run record holder has expressed interest in coaching for his former team, the San Francisco Giants.

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Bonds said he met recently with Giants president and CEO Larry Baer about working for the club in some capacity, but he is still in the appeals process of his conviction.

Bonds was on trial for perjury after testifying before a grand jury in 2003 that he had never taken or accepted human growth hormone. The Jury was deadlocked on the charges that he lied to a Grand Jury about the substance abuse, which lead to a mistrial.

When asked if he had any regrets Bonds said: “Do I have any regrets? What happened happened. It’s there. It is what it is. I live with it. I’m a convicted felon for obstruction of justice, and that’s who I am. I live with it.”

Bonds has lost some weight since his departure from professional baseball in 2007 (he has not officially retired).  The heavy hitter was 185 lbs when he entered the league as a rookie in 1986 and bulked up to 228 at his heaviest. He is down down to 212 due to a new cycling hobby, but it evidently ready to get back to work.



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