Mary J. Blige called New York radio personality Angie Martinez to respond to reports that her charity, FFAWN, was misrepresenting funds. FFAWN – including its co-founder Steve Stoute – was reportedly sued recently sued by TD Bank for failure to pay a $250,000 loan the charity took out in June 2011. The organization had agreed to pay the loan back by December 2011, however, only $368.33 of that loan amount had been paid back.

Speaking with Angie, Mary discussed mismanagement, and revealed that she’s only now finding out about the organization’s troubles.

Mary said:

“FFAWN has been mismanaged and when I found out about all these issues, I immediately got on the phone with my lawyers and my advisers and tried to fix this so that none of those women would suffer. My goal is to do exactly what I set out to do. My motives were true and upfront. I set out to empower and encourage women, but it turns out the business part of it was not managed properly.”

She added:

“I just found out that when you don’t hire the right people and have them in the right places, doing the right things, and they don’t have the same motives that you do, your business suffers. And there’s a business to giving as well. So you have to have the right people to make sure everybody’s straight.”

However, Mary assured that the group would not be closing down and that she was making sure that everything is on the up and up as it moves forward. She noted that already there is a new team in place to handle the recent troubles. As for the young women who were at risk of losing their scholarships, Mary said she came out of her own pocket to make sure those young people in need were taken care of.

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