When asked Tami Roman of “Basketball Wives” to be the guest editor for our Reality TV Round-Up we knew that we’d get some strong opinions. From her days on “The Real World” to now wreaking havoc with Evelyn Lozada, Royce Reed and company she’s pretty much seen it all. But we never imagined that we’d get the quotables she dropped on us about “Bad Girls Club,” “The T.O. Show” and even her own crew!

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Check out all of Tami’s thoughts on your favorite reality shows from our round-up and let us know if you agree or disagree!

Tami Roman on….

Harlem Heights

That was the one time I think BET actually got it right. It was a show about 6 or 7 twenty somethings, African-Americans really working, hustling and doing something positive. Showing positive imagery to other young African-Americans. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. Maybe if the girl [Briana]  that was making handbags hit one of the other b*tches in the head it would still be on the air.

G’s To Gents

I actually  did like the concept of the show. They were trying to take guys that were rough around the edges and turn them into gentleman. I’m a personal friend of Fonzworth Bentley and I know what his vision was. I’m just not sure that the originals were G’s to begin with.

Bad Girls Club

Hot ass mess. The original concept was to take these young girls that were mischievous and put them in a house, and by the end they were supposed to learn something about themselves. But now it seems they come in with the idea of whose gonna be crazier than last season’s person. I don’t watch it. I try not to let my kids watch it. But mindless entertainment is taking over the TV waves.

The T.O. Show

I like the T.O. Show. We got to see a different side of him, because all we know of him as a football personality. I like the relationship he had with his publicists  Mo and Kita. I don’t know how I feel about him crying though. That kind of changed some things for me. I saw him as a Black Adonis and now I’m see a little b*tch and I don’t know if I like that.

What Chilli Wants

What Chillli wants is too damn much. That’s why Chilli is still single. Sometimes you gotta know when to concede. Every woman has their right to want what they want. She’ll keep looking till she finds it. Meanwhile I’ll be dating my guy for four years that has a few flaws. But we’re willing to accept it and move on.  I want Usher and Chilli to get back together. I think they were the absolute cutest couple. Some couples were meant to be. Chilli and Usher should be together.

Love And Hip-Hop

Now, if it were me I would try and get Yandy a producer credit because if it wasn’t for her bringing those two new girls on the show, I don’t think they would have had a season. She definitely added that element of spice this time around. There were some messy situations but Yandy was the one that stood out to me.  I appreciated her work ethic and hustle. I love Chrissy too because she reminds me of me. Let’s just put it out there. But this season was way better than the last because the girls turned it up! Our backs were against the wall. We were like “We gonna have to kill a bitch to top Love and Hip-Hop.”

For The Love of Ray J

Great family show. Kind of reminds of “Run’s House” or  the new one with T.I and Tiny. I love those kinds of shows because they are positive and not filled with drama. I love all of them.

Ice Loves Coco

I’ve always been a fan of Ice-T and initially I was like every other Black woman walking thinking “here’s another white chick taking one of our Black men.” But I had the opportunity to actually meet Coco and it really is a loving relationship.They are cute together. I’m glad they did the show because it let us know that their love is real. I’m all for it now.

The Real World

Are they still doing those?

College Hill

I really wish “Harlem Heights” had continued so that I wouldn’t have been tortured with College Hill. It wasn’t a positive show and didn’t represent a lot of the young college students that I know and talk to at all. It was kind of a let down.

Flavor of Love

Flavor was the first one to do it. He started all of the dating reality shows. His show was fun, it was quirky. I just couldn’t believe they found that many chicks that wanted to date Flav. The most memorable was New York and her mother.

Fatherhood Reality Shows

I love all of them especially “Run’s House”. It gave us an in-depth look at him and his family and his wife, who I absolutely love. As African-Americans we don’t get to see ourselves in that light. It was important for me to see a solid relationship, raising their kids having the same issues that I’ve had.

Deion and Pilar Sanders

I didn’t watch this one but I wish they would do one now with all this divorce stuff now. That would be juicy.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

That Chris Jenner is a beast. If I had my druthers I’d love for her to pimp…I mean manage me. I would definitely be a manager to my kids. I manage my daughter’s music career now. They tried to fire me but I wasn’t having it. I think me and my family might be a little too real for reality TV. My favorite Kardashian is Khloe. She’s my style icon. I love the way she dresses and her attitude. She seems to be the most real of all of them.

Making The Band

The only thing I remember about this show is Diddy had those kids walk from New York to Brooklyn for some Junior’s cheesecake. And Jr.’s ain’t even that good so you know he did that out of spite.

I Love New York

She was crazy! We all knew from Flavor of Love that she was gonna have her own moment. The men who came on the show were interesting. In fact, they might have been more interesting than she was. Me personally I wouldn’t have picked any of them. I needed more degrees in the conversation.

La La’s Full Court Life

It’s a cute show. I think it’s real and genuine. I love Dice on the show. I think Dice adds a lot of spice to it and says what’s on her mind. I think it’s a good look at a CURRENT NBA couple. Because they’re still married there is only so much they’re going to show us. What they choose to let us in on his real.

Braxton’s Family Values

I love it, I love it I love it. I love Toni, Tamar is my favorite. You never know what is going to come out of her mouth. Some of her Tamar-isms like “get your life” are so funny. She adds a dynamic to the show where people can laugh a little.  I heard she and Vince are getting  a spin-off and I would definitely watch that.

Being Bobby Brown

Oh my goodness. When I think about that show all I can think about is Whitney Houston saying “hell to the naw!” That is my mantra. When someone is getting on my nerves that is the first thing that comes out of my mouth. We got to look at them and see how much they loved each other. Whitney opened up her life to us. Even though it was called Being Bobby Brown, all I remember is Whitney. Those people that know Whitney know she’s from Newark, NJ, so we know she had that rough side in her. She was American’s sweetheart but Newark streets are rough. I honor the fact that she was able to come from Newark and have the entire world fall in love with her. That show reminded us that though people think one way of her I’m still Whitney from Newark. I personally loved it. It didn’t change my view of her at all.

Basketball Wives

Lord have mercy. People always ask me if the name of the show is befitting. And it this point I wish they would change it. None of us are wives anymore and there’s so much more to the show than us being considered basketball wives. It focuses on us and what we’re doing with our lives NOW. I wish they would change the show. But we a hot ass mess, too. We the grown Bad Girls Club. And that’s not a compliment. We have our moments but for the most part we’re all good people. But people don’t get a chance to see that side of us because VH1 is making a TV show and they are trying to exploit the dramatic moments. I think if people just look past what they see on TV and get to know us outside of the show they would fall in love with us.

Basketball Wives L.A.

…is a whole different cast. Them b*tches is crazy.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Originally I liked the show. All of the women bring a certain something. Nene is outspoken and brash so we love her. They never disappoint. The drama is always there and we’re getting to see these people transform in front of our very eyes. Season 1 Nene is not Season 4 Nene. I think that growth and transition is a beautiful thing so I applaud the things she’s done by way of this vehicle.


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