With Pusha T signed to G.O.O.D. Music, Kanye West undoubtedly will produce a few tracks on Pusha’s forthcoming solo album. one half of Clipse is also wanting to make classic music with singer-songwriter The Dream.

Pusha T, Kanye West, and The Dream have been holed up in a studio working on songs and concept for Pusha T’s solo debut effort. Pusha T recently talked about the things he’s learned from working with the two superproducers while in the studio.

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“I’ve learned so much about song structure from Dream and I’ve learned so much from ‘Ye about finding the most colorful parts of your rhymes, editing it down and making sure, like, all the best parts of the rhyme are right in your face. I’ve just totally taken this [attitude of] sitting back and absorbing everything they say. Sometimes [a track is] wrong. Sometimes it’s over-rapped and [The-Dream] will tell you, ‘Nah, stay right here. Stay within these lines, in these perimeters right here.’ This sh– is school, man; it’s real live school to me,” the Virgina native expressed.

Pusha added, “At the end of the day, we’re trying to make classic material,” Pusha went on. “Everybody who’s here is tuned into this project — period. It’s about being cohesive, and cohesive musicality is just not happening right now.”

With Pusha T getting guidance from one of hip-hop’s most prolific producers and one of R&B’s best songwriters, it will be hard for Pusha T to fail. Pusha out raps a lot of dudes that are popular right now. (No shots.) Blending the creativity of Kanye West and The Dream can only lead to positive things. Look at how Beyonce made out on her last album with the help of those two. If Pusha ever hit Beyonce numbers, that would be an extreme blessing for him.



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