Lil Kim has even more of a reason to hate her rival Nicki Minaj! Nicki, who suddenly pulled out of Summer Jam yesterday, had an extravagant line-up prepared for the show and one of the entertainers was Foxy Brown!

As soon as Kim got wind that two of her enemies would be performing together, she tweeted:

“Hot damn ho here we go again. Monkey see monkey do. I heard the haters are joining forces against the Queen. LMAO !!!! Have a great show!!! Break a leg!!!! Hahahaha!!!! My love for the female hip hop movement has always been genuine. All the females I’ve been bringing out recently I have love for. If u see anybody else doing it … Its not genuine …Know it’s only to copy and compete with me …….. For those of u who have been brainwashed by the fraud …Let’s open our eyes now people …the clone is not bringing ladies out for the luv. It’s strictly because I’m doing it ! Love u Team Kim and all my fans across the world ..they’ll believe one day very soon !!”

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