We all know Kanye West takes his live show very serious. So when you go to a Kanye show, don’t bring a laser pointer or you will feel the wrath of the Chicago MC.

A Parisian fan learned that lesson the hard way when he snuck a laser pointer into the Watch The Throne concert. Needless to say, Kanye stopped his performance to address the disruptive fan. Kanye West asked the guy to stop pointing the laser at him. When the fan didn’t oblige, Kanye acosted him in front of tens of thousands of concertgoers. West yelled, “Stop! This ain’t a f**king game!” The fan was removed, most likely forcibly, from the show and everything continued as planned.

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How did this fan sneak the laser pointer into a Watch The Throne show?! When I went to A Kanye West concert, security damn near sexually assaulted me to make sure I didn’t have anything thing on me. A word to the wise, when going to a Watch The Throne concert, bring only the essentials. Nothing more or less. Because these two go hard when it comes to privacy.



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