The “artistic” video for “Western Esotericism” by Flaming Lips featuring Erykah Badu is hard to digest. In fact, you may question why Erykah Badu would even participate in something so distasteful. Badu’s sister stars in the visuals. Her buxom body is put on full display. She bathes in a white substance that looks like male bodily fluids, glitter and what appears to be blood.

The video has been removed from Youtube for violating their terms and conditions. Erykah,who once raved about the video, now claims that she didn’t see the controversial clip everyone is up in arms about. Well, now that she saw it…she is pissed!

Badu took to Twitter to confront the lead singer and songwriter of the Flaming Lips–Wayne Coyne–who takes full responsibility for the making of and the content of the visuals.

@FatBellyBella lets Coyne have it in a essay-long tweet, sure to stir the Twitter and video Gods.

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Here are the highlights:

-You should send at least a ROUGh version of the video u PLAN to release b4 u manipulate or compromise the artist’s brand by desperately releasing a poor excuse for shock and nudity that sends a convoluted message that passes as art( to some).

-Even with Window Seat there was a method and thought process involved. I have not one need for publicity . I just love artistic dialogue . And just because an image is shocking does not make it art.

-You obviously have a misconception of who I am artistically. I don’t mind that but…

-By the way you are an a**.

-You showed me a concept of beautiful tasteful imagery( by way of vid text messages). I trusted that. I was mistaken.

-Then u release an unedited, unapproved version within the next few days.

-When asked what the concept meant after u explained it , u replied ,”it doesn’t mean anything , I just want to make a great video that everyone is going to watch. “

-You begged me to sit in a tub of that other shit and I said naw. I refused to sit in any liquid that was not water. But Out of RESPECT for you and the artist you ‘appear’ to be, I Didn’t wanna kill your concept , wanted u to at least get it out of your head . After all, u spent your dough on studio , trip to Dallas etc.. Sooo, I invited Nayrok , my lil sis and artist, who is much more liberal ,to be subject of those other disturbing (to me ) scenes . I told u from jump that I believed your concept to be disturbing.

-You then said u would take my shots ( in clear water/ fully covered parts -seemed harmless enough) and Nayrok’s part ( which I was not present for but saw the photos and a sample scene of cornstarch dripping ) and edit them together along with cosmic, green screen images ( which no one saw) then would show me the edit. .

Instead, U disrespected me by releasing pics and rough vid on the internet without my approval. (Contract breech )

-you can KiSS MY Glittery A** .



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